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Evolutionary Genetics

Evolutionary Genetics


Hybridization and evolution: process of gene exchange between organisms in nature; hybridization as an evolutionary stimulus.

Population genetics and molecular evolution; genetic basis of adaptation and speciation; intragenomic conflict and selfish genetic elements; host-parasite interactions; insect ecology and evolution

Systems biology of host-pathogen interactions, Nuclear and organellar genome evolution in eukaryotic parasites, Databases, Ontologies, Data mining and Data integration of 'omics (genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, lipidome), clinical, immunological, epidemiological and experimental metadata.  

Evolutionary biology & behavior genetics; molecular and quantitative genetic studies of complex traits, especially social interactions (parenting, mating behavior, communication); development of behavior; theoretical investigations of complex trait evolution

My research interest lies in Nutritional Genomics, a new interdisciplinary field bridging Nutritional Sciences and Human Genomics. I am interested in identifying genetic variants that historically helped human populations adapted to local diets and currently underlie individual differences in nutrient metabolism and metabolic disease risks. In…

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