Assistant Professor
PhD (2015) Cornell University

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Davison Life Sciences Complex C220

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  • Research Interests -

    My research interest lies in Nutritional Genomics, a new interdisciplinary field bridging Nutritional Sciences and Human Genomics. I am interested in identifying genetic variants that historically helped human populations adapted to local diets and currently underlie individual differences in nutrient metabolism and metabolic disease risks. In the long run, I hope to develop statistical methods that integrate genomic information to personalized our dietary recommendation (Personalized Nutrition).  Current research topics in my lab include:

    1) Genetic adaptation to diet during human evolution (Population Genomics)
    2) Evolution of metabolic genes (Comparative Genomics)
    3) Genetic basis of metabolic diseases (Quantitative Genomics; Medical Genetics)
    4) Molecular mechanism of genetic variants (Molecular Genetics)
    5) Gene-diet interaction in metabolic diseases (Quantitative Genomics; Genetic Epidemiology)

Other Affiliations:
Selected Publications:

Ye K, Gao F, Wang D, Bar-Yosef O, Keinan A. Dietary adaptation of FADS genes in Europe varied across time and geography. Nature Ecology and Evolution 1, 0167 (2017)

Kothapalli KSD*, Ye K*, Gadgil MS, et al. Positive selection on a regulatory insertion–deletion polymorphism in FADS2 influences apparent endogenous synthesis of arachidonic acid. Molecular Biology and Evolution 33 (7), 1726-1739 (2016).

Ye K*, Cao C*, Lin X, O'Brien KO, Gu Z. Natural selection on HFE in Asian populations contributes to enhanced non-heme iron absorption. BMC Genetics 16 (1), 61 (2015).

Ye K^, Lu J, Ma F, Keinan A, Gu Z^. Extensive pathogenicity of mitochondrial heteroplasmy in healthy human individuals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (29), 10654-10659 (2014).

Ye K^, Lu J, Raj SM, Gu Z^. Human expression QTLs are enriched in signals of environmental adaptation. Genome Biology and Evolution 5 (9), 1689-1701 (2013).

Ye K & Gu Z. Recent advances in understanding the role of nutrition in human genome evolution. Advances in Nutrition 2 (6), 486-496 (2011).