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Katrien Devos

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Professor in Grass and Comparative Genomics
Ph.D. (1992) University of Ghent, Belgium
Selected Publications:
  • Alm, V., C. Fang, C.S. Busso, K.M. Devos, K. Vollan, Z. Grieg and O.A. Rognli. 2003. A linkage map of meadow fescue ( Festuca pratensis Huds.) and comparative mapping with other Poaceae species. Theor Appl Genet 108: 25-40.
  • Bennetzen, J.L., J. Ma and K.M. Devos. 2004. Mechanisms of recent genome size variation in flowering plants. Ann Bot 95: 127-132.
  • Devos, K.M., J. Beales, Y. Ogihara and A.N. Doust. 2005. Comparative sequence analysis of the Phytochrome C gene and its upstream region in allohexaploid wheat reveals new data on the evolution of its three constituent genomes. Plant Mol Biol 58: 625-641.
  • Devos, K.M. 2005. Updating the ' Crop Circle '. Curr Opin Plant Biol 8: 155-162.
  • Doust, A.N., K.M. Devos, M. Gadberry, M.D. Gale and E.A. Kellogg. 2004. Genetic control of branching in foxtail millet. Proc Natl Acad Sci 101: 9045-9050.
  • Doust A.N., K.M. Devos, M. Gadberry, M.D. Gale and E.A. Kellogg. 2005. The genetic basis for inflorescence variation between foxtail and green millet (Poaceae). Genetics 169: 1659-1672.
  • Ma, J., K.M. Devos and J.L. Bennetzen. 2004. Analyses of LTR-retrotransposon structures reveal recent and rapid genomic DNA loss in rice. Genome Res 14: 860-869.
  • Qi, X., T.S. Pittaway, S. Lindup, H. Liu, E. Waterman, F.K. Padi, C.T. Hash, J. Zhu, M.D. Gale and K.M. Devos. 2004. An integrated genetic map and a new set of simple sequence repeat markers for pearl millet, Pennisetum glaucum . Theor Appl Genet 109: 1485-1493.
  • Yadav, R.S., C.T. Hash, F.R. Bidinger, K.M. Devos and C.J. Howarth. 2004. Genomic regions associated with grain yield and aspects of post-flowering drought tolerance in pearl millet across stress environments and tester background. Euphytica 136: 265-277.

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