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Anna Iouchmanov

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Doctoral Student

B.S. in Biological Sciences with Chemistry and Italian minors from the University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA

Research Interests:

My research investigates the genes that drive convergent evolution in hindlimb length between different species of anole lizards. Through comparative analysis, my lab identified hindlimb enhancer B (HLEB) as a candidate for the differences in hindlimb length. Short-limbed anole species often have mutations in this cis-regulatory element while long-limbed species have the more ancestral version. I will use CRISPR-Cas9 mutagenesis to disrupt the HLEB gene in the long-limbed Anolis sagrei to determine whether the mutants recapitulate short-limbed phenotypes and behaviors.

Labs (please indicate whose lab you are a member of):

Dissertation Chair

Committee Members

Associate Professor
Associate Professor in Cellular Biology

External Committee

Rachel Roberts-Galbraith
Jonathan Losos

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