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Andrew Paterson

Blurred image of the arch used as background for stylistic purposes.
Regents Professor
Ph.D. (1988) Cornell University
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Lamar Dodd Award for Research, University of Georgia, 2009
  • Distinguished Agriscience Scientist Award, Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation and American Farm Bureau
  • Overall chair, International Cotton Genome Initiative
  • Grant Support -
    • "Adapting to a duplicated genome," NSF
    • "Comparative Evolutionary Genomics of Cotton," NSF
    • "Accelerating deployment of novel alleles in cotton," NSF
    • Accelerating the domestication of Miscanthus," DOE-USDA
    • "Genomic and Breeding Foundations for Bioenergy Sorghum Hybrids," DOE-USDA
    • "Discovery and development of alleles contributing to sorghum drought tolerance," Generation Challenge Program
  • Research Interests -
    • Our laboratory is interested in the identification and implementation of DNA diagnostic tools that are predictive of specific plant characteristics such as disease resistance, improved productivity, or improved quality. We work in close collaboration with scientists in several applied agricultural disciplines; thereby contributing to accelerated improvement of plants to better suit human purposes by traditional means such as classical plant breeding. We are also interested in the identification of specific genes that are responsible for characteristics important to plant development, evolution, or agriculture, and elucidating the function(s) of these genes. Finally, we are interested in elucidating plant biodiversity at the genic and genomic level; gaining better understanding of the 200-million year history of flowering plant diversification from a hypothetical common ancestor, and better understanding specific molecular-level events that have contributed to the ability of flowering plants to colonize much of the Earth.
Selected Publications:
  • Kim, C., D. Zhang, S.A. Auckland, L.K. Rainville, K. Jakob, B. Kronmiller, E.J. Sacks, M. Deuter and A.H. Paterson. 2012. SSR-based genetic maps of Miscanthus sinensis and M. sacchariflorus, and their comparison to sorghum. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, in press.
  • Wisniewski-Dyé, F., K. Borziak, G. Khalsa-Moyers, G. Alexandre, L.O. Sukharnikov, K. Wuichet, G.B. Hurst, H.W. McDonald, A. Lapidus, V. Barbe, A. Calteau, Z. Rouy, S. Mangenot, C. Prigent-Combaret, P. Normand, M. Boyer, P. Siguier, Yves Dessaux, C. Elmerich, G. Condemine, I. Kennedy, A.H. Paterson, V. González, P. Mavingui and I.B. Zhulin 201#. Azospirillum genomes reveal transition of bacteria from aquatic to terrestrial environments. Plos Genetics ##:##-##.
  • Wang, X., M. Torres, G. Pierce, C. Lemke, L. Nelson, B. Yuksel, J. Bowers, B. Marler, Y. Xiao, L. Lin, E. Epps, H. Sarazen, C. Rogers, S. Karunakaran, J. Ingles, E.Giattina, J.-H. Mun, Y.-J. Seol, B.-S. Park, R. Amasino, C. Quiros, T. Osborn, C. Pires, C. Town and A. Paterson. 2011. A physical map of Brassica oleracea shows complexity of chromosomal changes following recursive paleopolyploidizations. BMC Genomics 12: 470 (doi:  10.1186/1471-2164-12-470).
  • Thor, S.W., D.A. Hilt, J. Kissinger, A.H. Paterson and M.W. Jackwood. 2011.  Recombination in avian gamma-coronaviruses. Viruses 3(9): 1777-1799.
  • Zhang, Z., J. Rong, V. Waghmare, P. Chee, O. May, R. Wright, J. Gannaway and A. Paterson. 2011. QTL alleles for improved fiber quality from a wild Hawaiian cotton, Gossypium tomentosum.  Theoretical and Applied Genetics 123(7): 1075-1088.
  • Wang, X., et al (The Brassica rapa Genome Sequencing Project Consortium, including X. Wang, H. Tang, H. Guo, T.-H. Lee, J. Li, H. Jin, X. Tan, Y. Wang and A.H. Paterson.  2011. The genome of the mesopolyploid crop species Brassica rapa. Nature Genetics 43: 1035-1039.
  • Paterson, A.H. and Z.-K. Li. 2011. Paleo-Green Revolution for rice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 108(27): 10931-10932.
  • Ratnaparkhe, M.B., X. Wang, J. Li, R.O. Compton, L.K. Rainville, C. Lemke, C. Kim, H. Tang and A.H. Paterson. 2011. Comparative analysis of peanut NBS-LRR gene clusters suggests evolutionary innovation among duplicated domains and erosion of gene microsynteny. New Phytologist 192(1): 164-178.
  • Wang, X., H. Tang and A.H. Paterson. 2011. Seventy million years of concerted evolution of a homoeologous chromosome pair, in parallel in major Poaceae lineages. The Plant Cell 23(1): 27-37.
  • Glover, J.D., J.P. Reganold, L.W. Bell, J. Borevitz, E.S. Buckler, C.M. Cox, T.S. Cox, T.E. Crews, S.W. Culman, L.R. DeHaan, D. Eriksson, B.S. Gill, J. Holland, F. Hu, B. Hulke, A.M.H. Ibrahim, S.S. Jones, S.C. Murray, A.H. Paterson, Edmundo Ploschuk, E.J. Sacks, S. Snapp, D. Tao, D.L. Van Tassel, L.J. Wade, D.L. Wyse and Y. Xu. 2010. Increasing Food and Ecosystem Security through Perennial Grain Breeding. Science 328: 1638-1639.
  • Lin, L., G. Pierce, J.E. Bowers, J.C. Estill, R.O. Compton, L.K. Nelson, C. Kim, C. Lemke, J. Rong, H. Tang, X. Wang, M. Braidotti, A.H. Chen, K. Collura, E. Epps, W. Golser, C. Grover, K.L. Herrick, J. Ingles, S. Karunakaran, D. Kudrna, J. Olive, N. Tabassum, E. Um, M. Wissotski, Y. Yu, A. Zuccolo, M. ur Rahman, D.G. Peterson, R.A. Wing, J.F. Wendel and A.H. Paterson. 2010. A draft Physical Map of a D-genome Cotton Species (G. raimondii). BMC Genomics 11: 395.
  • Paterson, A.H., M. Freeling, H. Tang and X. Wang. 2010. Insights from the comparison of plant genome sequences. Annual Review of Plant Biology 61: 349-372.
  • Tang, H., J.E. Bowers, X. Wang and A.H. Paterson. 2010. Early polyploidy events in the monocotyledon lineage revealed by angiosperm genome comparisons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 107: 472-477.
  • Wang, X., H. Tang, J.E. Bowers and A.H. Paterson. 2009. Comparative inference of illegitimate recombination between rice and sorghum duplicated genes produced by polyploidization. Genome Research 19: 1026-1032. 
  • Paterson, A.H., J.E. Bowers, R. Bruggmann, I. Dubchak, J. Grimwood, H. Gundlach, G. Haberer, U. Hellsten, T. Mitros, A. Poliakov, J. Schmutz, M. Spannagl, H. Tang, X. Wang, T.Wicker, A.K. Bharti, J. Chapman, F.A. Feltus, U. Gowik, I. Grigoriev, E. Lyons, C.A. Maher, M. Martis, A. Narechania, R. Otillar, B.W. Penning, A.Salamov, Y. Wang, L. Zhang, N.C. Carpita, Michael Freeling, A.R. Gingle, C.T. Hash, B. Keller, P. Klein, S. Kresovich, M.C. McCann, R. Ming, D.G. Peterson, M. ur Rahman, D. Ware, P. Westhoff, K.F.X. Mayer, J. Messing and D.S. Rokhsar. 2009. The Sorghum bicolor genome and the diversification of grasses. Nature 457: 551-556. 
  • Tang, H., X. Wang, J.E. Bowers, R. Ming, M. Alam and A.H. Paterson. 2008. Unraveling the Consequences of Ancient Hexaploidy through Multiply-aligned Angiosperm Gene Maps. Genome Research 18: 1944-1954.
  • Doyle J.J., L.E. Flagel, A.H. Paterson, R.A. Rapp, D.E. Soltis, P.S. Soltis and J.F. Wendel. 2008. Evolutionary genetics of genome merger and doubling in plants. Annual Review of Genetics 42: 443-461.
  • Tang, H., J.E. Bowers, X. Wang, R. Ming, M. Alam and A.H. Paterson. 2008. Synteny and colinearity in plant genomes. Science 320: 486-488. 
  • Paterson, A.H., P. Felker, S.P. Hubbell and R. Ming. 2008. The fruits of tropical plant genomics. Tropical Plant Biology 1: 3-19. 
  • Ray M., S. Hou, Y. Feng, Q. Yu, A. Dionne-Laporte, J. Saw, P. Senin, W. Wang, S.Salzberg, H. Tang, E. Lyons, D. Rice, M. Riley, R. Skelton, J. Murray, C. Chen, M. Eustice, E. Tong, H. Albert, R.E. Paull, M.-L. Wang, Y. Zhu, M. Schatz, N. Nagarajan, R. Agbayani, P. Guan, A. Blas, J. Wang, J.-K. Na, T. Michael, E.V. Shakirov, B. Haas, J. Thimmapuram, D. Nelson, X. Wang, J.E. Bowers, J. Suzuki, S. Tripathi, K. Neupane, H. Wei, R. Singh, B. Irikura, N. Jiang, W. Zhang, K. Wall, G. Presting, A. Gschwend, Y. Li, A. Windsor, R.N. Pérez, M.J. Torres, F.A. Feltus, B. Porter, M. Paidi, M.-C. Luo, L. Liu, D. Christopher, P.H. Moore, T. Sugimura, C. dePamphilis, J. Jiang, M. Schuler, T. Mitchell-Olds, D. Shippen, J. Palmer, M.R. Freeling, A.H. Paterson, D. Gonsalves, L. Wang and M. Alam. 2008. The draft genome of the tropical fruit tree papaya (Carica papaya, Linnaeus).  Nature 452: 991-996.
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  • Grover, C.E., H.R. Kim, R.A. Wing, A.H. Paterson and J.F. Wendel. 2007. Microcolinearity and genome evolution in the AdhA region of diploid and polyploid cotton (Gossypium). Plant Journal 50: 995-1006.
  • Lohithaswa, H.C., F.A. Feltus, H.P. Singh, C.D. Bacon, C. D. Bailey and A.H. Paterson. 2007. Leveraging rice genome sequence for comparative genomics in monocots. TAG 115: 237-243.
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