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Amanda Shaver

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PhD Candidate

B.S. in Biology (2011) University of Kansas

Awards / Funding: 

  • Robin Hightower Genetics Graduate Support Fund, 2016
  • NSF GRFP, Honorable Mention, 2016

Courses Taught: 

  • Introduction to Evolutionary Biology (GENE 3000)
  • Concepts in Biology (BIOL 1103L)
Research Areas:
Labs (please indicate whose lab you are a member of):
Selected Publications:

Gouveia G. J., Shaver A. O., Garcia, B. M., Morse A. M., Andersen E. C., Edison A. S., and L. M. McIntyre 2021. Long-term metabolomics reference material. Analytical Chemistry 93, 9193-9199

Shaver A. O., Gouveia G. J., Kirby P. S., Andersen E. C., and A. S. Edison. 2021. Culture and assay of large-scale mixed-stage Caenorhabditis elegans populations. JoVE 171, e61453, doi:10.3791/61453

Snyder-Mackler, N., J. Sanz-Remón, J.N. Kohn, J.F. Brinkworth, S. Morrow, A.O. Shaver, J.C. Grenier, R. Pique-Regi, Z.P. Johnson, M.E. Wilson, L.B. Barreiro, and J. Tung. 2016. Social status alters immune regulation and response to infection. Science 354, 1041-1045

Snyder-Mackler, N., W.H. Majoros, M.L. Yuan, A.O. Shaver, J.B. Gordon, G.H. Kopp, S.A. Schlebusch, J.D. Wall, S.C. Alberts, S. Mukherjee, X. Zhou, and J. Tung. 2016. Efficient Genome-Wide Sequencing and Low-Coverage Pedigree Analysis from Noninvasively Collected Samples. Genetics 203 (2), 699-714.

Hamm, C.A., D.J. Begun, A. Vo, C. CR Smith, P. Saelao, A.O. Shaver, J. Jaenike, and M. Turelli. 2014. Wolbachia do not live by reproductive manipulation alone: infection polymorphism in Drosophila suzukii and D. subpulchrella. Molecular Ecology 23 (19), 4871-4885.

Dissertation Chair

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