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Aaron-Jay Alcala

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Doctoral Student
M.S. Biology (2016) Georgia State University
B.S. Biology (2014) Georgia State University
  • To learn more, visit my professional website:
  • My PhD research is focused on studying 1) how genes are regulated to build body parts of the embryo during development and 2) how changes during this process can lead to the evolution of novel forms and structures.

    As a researcher, my technical skills are in functional and comparative genomics, single-cell omics, transcriptomics, molecular genetics, and light sheet microscopy. I have five years of experience working with the mouse as a model organism. During this time, I also worked on establishing the brown anole lizard as an emerging model organism. I have had the opportunity to study embryos of mice, lizards, snakes, turtles, and even alligators in the lab!

  • My other passions are in teaching, mentoring, and science communication (click here for a presentation I gave about exploring careers in SciComm). During my M.S., I taught introductory biology labs for two years and independently developed the curriculum of an honors lab course. I have also pursued formal training in pedagogy and science communication.

    I was the winner of Arcadia Science's First SciComm Hackathon.
    I produced two videos for the hackathon: 

  • I have also directed an educational video describing the brown anole lizard as an emerging model organism to study reptile development and genetics. This video was awarded the John Doctor Education Prize from the Society of Developmental Biology for best outreach video. 
  • Follow me @AaronEvoDevo on Twitter/Instagram to stay updated:
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn:
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Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 9:28am

Aaron Alcala, a Ph.D.

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