Associate Professor in Cellular Biology
Ph.D. (1992) Purdue University

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Selected Publications:
  • Sornborger, A.T., Broder, J., Majumder, A., Srinivasamoorthy, G., Porter, E., Reagin, S.S., Keith, C., and J.D. Lauderdale. (2008) Estimating weak ratiometric signals in imaging data. II. Meta-analysis with multiple, dual-channel datasets. J. Opt. Soc. Am. A. 25(9):2185-2194.
  • Kim, J. and J.D. Lauderdale. (2008) Overexpression of pairedless Pax6 in the retina disrupts corneal development and affects lens cell survival. Dev. Biol. 313:434-454.
  • Fan, X., Majumder, A., Reagin, S.S., Porter, E.L., Sornborger, A.T., Keith, C.H and J.D. Lauderdale. (2007) New Statistical Methods Enhance Imaging of Cameleon FRET in Cultured Zebrafish Spinal Neurons. J. Biomedical Optics 12(3):034017. (Selected for inclusion in the June 1, 2007 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research)
  • Broder, J., Majumder, A., Srinivasamoorthy, G., Porter, E., Keith, C., Lauderdale*, J.D. and A.T. Sornborger*. (2007) Estimating weak ratiometric signals in imaging data I: dual-channel data. J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 24(9):2921�2931. *Lauderdale and Sornborger are co-Senior Investigators on this project.
  • Lakowski, J., Majumder, A., and J.D. Lauderdale. (2007) Mechanisms controlling Pax6 isoform expression in the retina have been conserved between teleosts and mammals. Dev. Biol. 307:498-520.
  • Kim, J. and J.D. Lauderdale (2006) Analysis of Pax6 expression using a BAC transgene reveals the presence of a paired-less isoform of Pax6 in the eye and olfactory bulb. Dev. Biol. 292:486-505.
  • Lauderdale, J.D., Wilensky, J.S., Oliver, E.R., Walton, D.S., and T. Glaser. (2000) 3' deletions cause aniridia by preventing PAX6 gene expression. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 97(25):13755-13759.
  • Lauderdale, J.D., Pasquali, S. K., Fazel, R., van Eeden, F. J. M., Schauerte, H. E., Haffter, P, and J.Y. Kuwada. (1998) Regulation of netrin-1a expression by hedgehog proteins. Mol. Cell. Neuro. 11(4):194-205.
  • Lauderdale, J.D., Davis, N.M., and J.Y. Kuwada. (1997) Axon tracts correlate with netrin-1a expression in the zebrafish embryo. Mol. Cell. Neuro. 9(4): 293-313.
  • Liu, K., Lauderdale, J.D., and A. Stein. (1993) Signals in chicken b-globin DNA influence chromatin assembly in vitro. Mol. Cell. Biol. 13(12):7596-7603.
  • Lauderdale, J.D. and A. Stein. (1993) Effects of plasmid length and positioned nucleosomes on chromatin assembly in vitro. Biochemistry 32(2):489-499.
  • Lauderdale, J.D. and A. Stein. (1992) Introns of the chicken ovalbumin gene promote nucleosome alignment in vitro. Nucl. Acids Res. 20(24):6589-6596.
  • Jeong, S.-W., Lauderdale, J.D., and A. Stein. (1991) Chromatin assembly on plasmid DNA in vitro: apparent spreading of nucleosome alignment from one region of pBR327 by histone H5. J. Mol. Biol. 222(4):1131-1147.

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