Developmental Biology

Developmental Biology Personnel

Neural progenitor cells (NPCs), neural development, and neural degeneration

Stem cell biology and vertebrate developmental genetics: definite genetics pathways that regulate fetal thymus development in mice; new genetic research tools based on site-specific recombination (generate tissues specific genetic modifications)

Mammalian developmental genetics: mechanisms that control tissue patterns during mammalian embryonic development; signaling pathways that function in cell fate specification; identification of novel regulators of Hedgehog signaling pathways in central nervous system

Developmental genetics of vertebrate organogenesis: life history of the thymus (responsible for the generation of T cells); diverse aspects of biology of organ controlled by cellular dynamics, regulatory networks, and physiological processes; organ homeostasis, aging, and regeneration

Developmental regulation and evolution of vertebrate morphology: how the expression of limb genes is regulated and to what degree changes in the regulation of limb genes contributes to evolution of divergent limb morphologies; identification of regulatory elements that control expression of limb

Extremophile biology, biotechnology, and bioenergy: conversion of biomass from crop plants into biofuels; identification, characterization, and manipulation of microorganisms and biocatalysts for biomass conversion; access to new pathways for biomass conversion; ability to genetically manipulate