Biotechnology Personnel

Genome structure and evolution: rearrangements and contributions of transposable elements; relationship between genome structure, evolution, and gene function; genetic diversity in crops of developing world; evolution of disease resistance in plants

Stem cell biology, somatic cell reprogramming and vertebrate developmental genetics. Defining the key genes and regulatory elements that regulate fetal thymus development in mice; genome editing and epigenome editing (via CRISPR).

RNA metabolism; developing a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in processing, maturation, and decay of RNA molecules in E. coli; role of polyadenylation in bacteria; analysis of DNA repair, mutagenesis, and recombination; and biotechnology.

Molecular evolutionary genetics of gene families and phytoremediation: molecular genetics and evolution of plant gen expression; environmental molecular biology; actin and actin-binding proteins encoded by gene families in plants; subfamilies of encoded protein isovariants co-evolved specific int

Gene discovery and genome structure and evolution: identification and implementation of DNA diagnostic tolls; predicting plant characteristics; accelerate improvement of plants to better suit human purposes (plant breeding); identification and function of genes in plant development; plant biodive

Population epigenomics and mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance: molecular mechanisms of DNA methylation initiation and establishment; how phenotypic plasticity and diversity are driven by epigenetic variation; identification of environmentally induced, spontaneous, and natural epigenetic alleles

Non-coding RNA function, cancer, and genome defense: biogenesis, trafficking, and function of non-coding RNA-protein complexes; goal to improve understanding and treatment of human disease

Gene family evolution, cell wall biogenesis, phenylpropanoid metabolism, stress genomics, and bioenergy 

Extremophile biology, biotechnology, and bioenergy: conversion of biomass from crop plants into biofuels; identification, characterization, and manipulation of microorganisms and biocatalysts for biomass conversion; access to new pathways for biomass conversion; ability to genetically manipulate