Jenkins awarded HHMI Fellowship

Doctoral candidate and graduate research assistant in the department of genetics Brittany Jenkins has been awarded one of 39 Gilliam Fellowships by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute:

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has selected 39 new Gilliam fellows, exceptional doctoral students who have the potential to be leaders in their fields and the desire to advance diversity and inclusion in the sciences.


Nick Batora, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Genetics, studies the Purple Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

Plants produce an outstanding diversity of chemicals to ward off insects and other herbivores intent on consuming them.

For centuries, people have used these plant chemicals to season food, create fragrances, or as healing medicine.

The chemicals and compounds that these plants produce are extraordinarily useful for medicinal purposes. In fact, nearly 75 percent of pharmaceuticals developed over the past 30 years are derived from natural products, such as plants.

UGA to lead NSF project to rapidly sequence corn pangenome

Project will sequence genetic diversity of world’s largest cash crop

When the human genome was first sequenced in 2001, the project focused on a single individual. Since that time, several new genomes have been assembled and additional genetic data have been generated for thousands of individuals, producing a more complete picture of human genetic makeup, with broad implications for human health, from biomedical science to anthropology. Now, researchers plan to begin a similar process with corn.

Amazing Students - Stephan George

Stephan George, who is pursuing three bachelor’s degrees, started doing lab research as soon as he stepped foot on campus and is committed to making a difference for people with disabilities.


Lawrenceville, GA

High school:

Brookwood High School

Expected graduation:

May 2020

Degree objective:

B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; B.S. Genetics; B.S. Biology

Current employment: