B.S. (2012) China Agricultural University


Paul D. Coverdell Center, Rm256
Selected Publications:

Infante, C.R., A.G. Mihala, S. Park, J.S. Wang, K.K. Johnson, J.D. Lauderdale, and D.B. Menke. (2015). Shared enhancer activity in the limbs and phallus and functional divergence of a limb-genital cis-regulatory element in snakes. Dev Cell. 35(1):107-19.

Li, T., Zhao, X., Teng, F., Li, X., Jiang, M., Li, W., Wang, X., Wang, J., Liu, L., Liu, Z., Wang, L., and Zhou, Q. (2012). Derivation of Germline Competent Rat Embryonic Stem Cells from DA Rats. Journal of Genetics and Genomics. 39(11):603-6.