B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

I am a second year graduate student studying the development of the parathyroid in mice.

Selected Publications: 

Steven J. Foltz, Junna Luan, Jarrod A. Call, Ankit Patel, Kristen B. Peissig, Marisa J. Fortunato, and Aaron M. Beedle. 2016. Chronic rapamycin treatment improves muscular dystrophy in a fukutin-deficient mouse model of dystroglycanopathy.

Anna S. Nichenko, W. Michael Southern, Mark Atuan, Junna Luan, Kristen B. Peissig, Steven J. Foltz, Aaron M. Beedle, Gordon L. Warren, Jarrod A. Call. 2016. Mitochondrial maintenance via autophagy contributes to functional skeletal muscle regeneration and remodeling. 

Research Interests Detail: 

I am interested in how the parathyroid organs develop in mice in order to understand how these organs may develop in humans. Parathyroids are small organs in the neck region that regulate calcium levels in the body. Many people around the world have problems with their parathyroids, however much is unknown about how the parathyroid develops. My ultimate goal for my research is to provide a cure for hypoparathyroidism.